The Birds, Bees + Beyond


The conversations around sexuality, orientation, experience, trauma and gender identity have evolved beyond the binary idea of the birds and the bees. Molly Eames, an expert in providing medically accurate sexuality education, upholds a modern and inclusive approach that informs and empowers parents and educators to become more involved, evolved and open to sexuality education.


Education to Empowerment 


A healthy and productive conversation about sexuality starts with education, confidence and a bit of vulnerability. Molly’s approachable workshops empower parents to play a supportive role in their kids’ sexuality education. By educating parents, she instills in them the confidence and medically accurate knowledge to start a dialogue and develop a relationship of trust with their kids. This family values-based approach supports adolescents, so they may make healthier, safer and better-informed decisions. Learn more by attending or scheduling a workshop or event.


Sexuality Educator + Wellness Consultant

Molly’s approach to sexuality education and therapy is foremost medically accurate and accessible. Rooted in mindfulness, her sex positive curriculum upholds a modern and inclusive educational approach that informs and empowers parents and educators to become more involved, evolved and open to their kids’ sexuality education. Adolescents make safer sexual decisions when explored in a familiar and compassionate environment. Molly’s program creates and generalizes such an environment to promote a more sex positive culture and lower sexual assault and suicide rates. 

Molly’s passion for normalizing conversations about sexuality comes from more than a decade of professional experience and certification in Sex Therapy and Sex Education from the University of Michigan. As a thought-leader in sexuality education, Molly is helping to shape a generation of empowered youth who own their sexuality and view pleasure as normative. She is available for sexuality education workshops and courses for mental health and medical providers, schools and parents, and other community organizations.